PROJECT BUTTERFLY – The Best Digital Marketing Course – it covers the complete setup of a REAL online business.


What is Project Butterfly:

  1. Project Butterfly is a NON-TECHNICAL, BUSINESS-ORIENTED case study of a REAL online business which covers the complete set up and growth of a real online business in REAL-TIME.  This is reason I have allowed about 5-6 months for the project.
  2. Project Butterfly will cover END-TO-END lifecycle of an online business.  This will give you ample opportunity to come up with your own idea and follow along in parallel.  You stand a much higher chance of succeeding this way.
  3. No business is complete without leadership.  Along the way I will present some KEY CONCEPTS related to leadership and self-development.  YOU WILL GROW with the project.


What Project Butterfly is NOT:

  1. Project Butterfly is NOT a classroom training example. It does NOT deal with a watered-down example that has been TRIED and TESTED beforehand. No, this is a real-life set up, unfolding step-by-step before registered participants.
  2. It is not conducted in a training environment, i.e. in an artificial, simulated, simplified and protected environment.
  3. Project Butterfly does not have a test or 100% potential score achievability.  You will see me highlight every nuance as we encounter those, and formulate real business solutions as needed. Project Butterfly is not conducted in a compressed time-frame as you would experience in a class-room.



Raj Subramanyam, author of "How to Build a Blog That Counts", Amazon 2014.

Raj's blog-posts at Kay Leadership Academy routinely rank on Google page 1, some on position 1 and still some higher than Forbes and HBR.

Raj is a tech-secutive, author, blogger and personal development trainer.  

Raj has a B.S. in Math, an Ivy-League MBA and takes great interest in entrepreneurship and digital marketing.




All data and facts quoted on this site and in Project Butterfly materials are taken from the public domain.

Where proprietary information is used, I have quoted the source.  

I respect and acknowledge others' intellectual property (in fact that is one of the chapters I will cover during the project).