FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Answered!

Project Butterfly: Get Noticed Online!

Complete setup of a REAL online business

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Why are you conducting this project?

The book, “How to Build a Blog That Counts” was released in pdf (text) and in audio format.  Since video is the preferred media nowadays, I have been contemplating on a video series.  To make it more compelling, I thought building a live site following the concepts of the book would add real value.  Hence the project.

Besides, everyone will have to become an entrepreneur.  The future is HERE and it is ONLINE.  And there is not much help out there.


Who should attend?

This project would be of great interest to anyone who is interested in building a compelling online presence (students, young working adults, senior executives), those involved in content-based marketing (small entrepreneurs, professionals such as doctors, online business owners) or in setting up a site whether for generating revenue (passive-income) or establishing knowledge/authority in their field (retired professionals, subject-matter experts).

Basically, anyone interested in content-based marketing will get great value out of the project.


Which means???

If you want to “get noticed online”, publish a bestseller (hint: it is not just writing), sell well online, and attract speaking and consulting engagements, then you should attend.


What topics will be covered?

The project will follow the chapters laid out in the book, “How to Build a Blog That Counts”.  Specifically, the following topics will be covered:

  • Identifying the business/website idea, market research and strategy for execution
  • Building the site – domain name registration, WordPress, setup social media
  • Builiding the webpages, mailing list manager
  • Giveaway product and marketing the site to gain initial subscribers to the list
  • Building content for the site, including cornerstone blogs
  • Engaging customers, other bloggers, competitive sites, Google analytics, etc.
  • Building the product
  • Marketing the product, identifying affiliate products for marketing
  • Listing and launching the product
  • Advanced concepts such as website valuation and acquisition


How will we know when the website is a success, or if it is a success?

Right at the outset we will define what success should look like and how it can be measured.  We will set up a goal, and work our way towards achieving it.


Can you take up my idea for a website?

I contemplated on this (selecting someone and their idea for the website), but the risk of someone losing interest or dropping out midway (through the 6 month project) was too high.  But you are welcome to follow along Project Butterfly, get your questions answered and even present it at the end as a case-study.


Can I get a business plan developed?

You are welcome to follow along Project Butterfly, and apply the business strategy/business plan concepts to your site.  When in doubt, you can always submit your questions.  The answers will help you fine-tune your plan.


I am struggling with generating content on a consistent basis. How can you help?

You should register for Project Butterfly.  We will dedicate at least two sessions to content creation and content-based marketing.  With focus on CurationSoft – the web’s # 1 content generation software – you will know how to generate rich, valuable content for your users on a consistent basis.



Will there be discounts on the program?

Yes.  The introductory $97 pricing on the program ends soon.  Register now.  The regular $297 (one-time) is still very low compared with the other programs which do not take you through a REAL business.

Project Butterfly is the BEST digital marketing initiative.


What if I cannot join from the beginning? Will I get all the videos?

Anyone who joins later will get all the videos completed until then.

For best results it is recommended that you register right at the beginning and follow along.  I believe that the initial strategy part is the foundation of any business and the most crucial.  Merely running through the videos as a crash course neither helps in understanding the finer concepts, nor provides the time for those concepts to be internalized.

This Project is intended to be executed in real-time, and so the highest benefits can be realized only if you also follow in real-time.  For this you must join from the beginning.


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