Digital Marketing Case Studies

On this page you will get to read highly interesting, inspiring and relevant Digital Marketing case studies.

Whether it is building a compelling online presence, going online to save your offline business or building a solid ecommerce site, it is always good to learn from others' successes, and also others' mistakes.

Keep looking out for interesting case studies – ALL REAL – here.  I will upate this periodicall and put the new ones on top.



NINA MUFLEH, creator of

After one year of using traditional tactics such as resumes, Nina decided to create a unique online campaign to signal her intent to Airbnb.  Read about her campaign in her own words at:!whitepaper/c1e1m

Ultimately her compelling – REALLY COMPELLING ONLINE PRESENCE – got her the interview at the company that SHE WANTED!

Especially when the RESUME did not work for her.

TAKEAWAY: Create something UNIQUE, or even OUTRAGEOUS.  But do the homework, have a plan, and most of all, be brave enough to execute it.  SUCCESS WILL BE YOURS




How a brick-and-mortar furniture shop struck ecommerce gold.

From a traditional "offline" furniture, Goedeker's transformed into an "online" ecommerce business.

After the transformation about 90% of their business is now done online and their team had to grow 6x to make this happen.

TAKEAWAY: Online has the potential for HUGE SCALE, even if your business is offline you must consider going online.



By pushing out content after content, Dirk has become an authority on pharmaceutical serialization also called track and trace.

At a rough guess, there are almost 250+ blog posts on this site, with innumerable interactions with the pharma community.

Dirk is routinely sought out for speaking engagements, and has also “interpreted” the US Regulations on Serialization which he sells for $224 on his site.

With more than 500 pharma, biotech and distribution companies that deal in prescription drugs, and at a very low average cost of $10 per company for implementing systems and interfaces for managing this regulation, this is a huge market for Dirk to tap into.

TAKEAWAY: A combination of physical presence and LOT of content – current, relevant and insightful – you can create a compelling online presence.  It takes time, is a marathon, not a sprint, but you will get there eventually.  Persistence is key.




40 year old restaurant had to close down because they chose to stick with their offline reputation.

Read all about it at:

The irony is that the restaurant had a very distinct COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE – they served exotic LION meat!  If only they had managed their online presence proactively, they could be continuing to do roaring business.

With a unique, highly rich SEO keyword such as lion meat, they could have easily doubled or tripled their revenues, and created a tremendous online presence for the Serbian Crown – if done proactively.

TAKEAWAY: Good online presence is OPTIONAL for growing your business.  But it is NECESSARY to prevent your offline business from declining.




Why everyone WILL have to become an entrepreneur.  Your competition will not be 5000 but 50000.

8 out of 10 entrepreneurships fail.


TAKEAWAY: You will have to embrace digital marketing.  The future is here, and it is ONLINE.