Digital Marketing Courses

The following is a list of 10 Digital Marketing courses that cover ecommerce site setup, online presence and help you get noticed online.  These are taken from Google page 1 results – which means you can expect to find these yourself.

A quick analysis reveals the following:

  • 70% of the courses are niche-focused and do not cover end-to-end set up of an online presence or ecommerce site as a business
  • 80% are TECHNICAL.  These are alright if you want to become an expert in a small field, but not suitable if you want to market that expertise
  • Average cost of a DIGITAL MARKETING training is $980
  • Except one, the rest are class-room training.  i.e. dummy example, simplified/artificial environment and watered-down concepts delivered in compressed time-frame

Here are the listings:

College, Institution Level Type Fees Notes, Examples Technical Niche $1,995 SEO, Conversion, Analytics, etc.
Digital Technical Niche $995 Content Marketing Course + Certification
Digital Marketing Technical Niche $250 Short courses, average $250 per course
General Assembly Business End to End $3,500 10-day sessions
Coursera-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Technical Niche $474 Collection of short courses Technical Niche $595 4-page web building package Technical Niche $200 Short 1-hour videls, average $200
Mayvin Training, Australia Technical Niche $495 12-week video training, short niche courses
Content Marketing Institute Technical End to End $995 Series of short courses, may cover end to end
Best Digital Marketing Course Business End to End $297 Complete end-to-end REAL Case Study