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Here are some Free Digital Marketing Videos and Articles.  These are provided 100% FREE and you don't even have to provide an email id.  Just download and use them.  

These are based on my understanding, experience and expertise with using these concepts for my own blog and online presence.  I know they work.  There is no mystery to setting up a successful online presence or ecommerce business.  I have built a structured methodology and repeatable processes.  

I have also published a book "How to Build a Blog That Counts" on Amazon.

These free digital marketing videos and articles are all a result of my work, and presented here for you to benefit.

Please keep checking for more additions.  

To your success.

Raj Subramanyam


Video – How to build a Compelling LinkedIn Presence – new

Video – How to Build a Targeted Keyword List

Video – Business Strategy Overview


PDF Articles:

PDF – Blog Success – Authority Black Book, All about blogging – new

PDF – Deep-Insight paper on "All About SEO"

PDF- Report – "Why do you need Digital Marketing"

PDF – Deep-Insight paper on "Strategic Keyword Management"



Audio – Deep-Insight paper on "All About SEO"