Self-Development Concepts

Self-development concepts are very important for you to grow as a person, as a leader and as a successful business owner.  These are some of the AWESOME things I have learned over time, and which I wish I had when I first started out.

Whether you are building your online presence, growing your small business or working on moving higher up in your career, these will be very useful to you.  I guarantee this.

I will update these concepts periodically, with the more recent ones on top.  So be sure to visit these self-development concepts and leverage them as you see fit.  Best wishes for your success!


Personal Value System

Having a personal value system – standing up for what you believe in, and being defined or known by certain principles – is non-negotiable.  Such a value system reflects in your work, in your personality and helps build your brand.



If you take up any initiative or project with high passion and a fierce determination to succeed, somehow the results will reflect this.  Overpreparation is another aspect which helps you to put in an extraordinarily huge volume of effort in an attempt to put the result beyond doube.  The Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke, before a big cricket series, spent 3-weeks getting physically conditioned military-style.  When the series was played, Michael was easily the standout performer.  His physical endurance was as noticeable as his "will to win".  


Effective Time Management

Effective Time Management is the hallmark of successful people.  Health can improve and deteriorate and improve again, money will come and go, but time once gone is gone forever.  You must not only manage your time effectively and optimally, but also manage others' time to be able to lead teams and your business successfully.